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The balance between career and family is a challenge for many parents, subsidizing the cost of childcare can ease some of this burden. Emsland Group employees at all seven German locations receive up to 85 euros per month, per child, for the childcare of their choosing.

"We find that satisfaction in professional and private life should not be contradictory. That's why it's important to us to make a financial contribution to support young families in this phase of their lives and to promote a healthy work-life balance," says Jan Lambers-Heerspink, Head of Human Resources at the Emsland Group, headquartered in Emlichheim.

In contrast to the trend in some larger companies, the Emsland Group has decided against setting up a childcare facility of their own. Mr. Lambers-Heerspink explained, “We see that it is often important for young families to have their children in childcare near their homes, not necessarily near their place of employment.”

For those living and working in the Emlichheim area, which accounts for approximately 60% of all employees at the headquarters, there are now eight childcare facilities in operation. “At our headquarters in Emlichheim, there are many excellent childcare options in the town. So instead of starting our own endeavor, we want to focus on easing the financial burden of childcare for our employees, and let them decide what care is right for their families.”