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Half Page AdvertEMWAXY® is based on high amylopectin potatoes, containing more than 99% amylopectin, resulting in high quality end products. This natural potato variety is being cultivated through traditional, non-GMO breeding techniques. EMWAXY® is a new commercial available amylopectin potato starch giving improved performance to final products at our customers.

Being specialized in the production, application and supply of vegetable ingredients, the Emsland Group is able to promote constant growth and demand for healthy and genuine ingredients. In close cooperation with their partners, the Emsland Group has now developed high amylopectin potatoes EMWAXY® product range.

By means of contract farming, the Emwaxy potatoes are exclusively grown for the Emsland Group. Therefor the potato meets all the quality requirements of the company. Within the Emsland Group, all products manufactured at all sites are plant based, non GMO, Kosher and Halal.
The EMWAXY® range fits seamlessly with the current product portfolio of the Emsland Group.


Innovation from soil up!

The cultivation of this new potato variety is a clear sign that raw material manufacturers still have the ability to truly innovate in the market place. With the introduction of EMWAXY® potato starch, the Emsland Group presents a waxy potato starch, which has an amylopectin content of more than 99%.

Heidrun Lambers, Head of Food Application Technology at the Emsland Group explains “EMWAXY® can provide high transparency, new textures, high viscosity, physical shelf life extension as well as smooth and glossy appealing products”.

In food applications the use of EMWAXY® has next features:
• High viscosity
• Clarity, smooth and glossy appearance
• Clean flavour and bland taste
• Excellent creamy mouthfeel
• New textures, resulting high expanded crispy snack products
• Optimized process possibilities. Lower gelatinization temperature, fast hydration, quicker cooking times and lower energy input in comparison with other starches can be the result.

EMWAXY® is high valuable with a lot of benefits in food applications and offers a good start to create new innovative appealing products.
These unique material characteristics of EMWAXY® serves todays trends e.g. easy handling, natural, lower dosage possibilities, non-GMO, kosher & halal, gluten and allergen free as well as clean label opportunities.

Emsland Group experts can assist you selecting the right product for your application. Please contact the Emsland group at: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!