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DSCN2583On October 22, Emsland-Stärke GmbH invited former employees to a get-together. With a total of 77 participants, this was a great success indeed.


First, all participants were welcomed in the Bloemendal hall in Emlichheim by the management, before coffee and cake were served to get ready for the day. Already at this stage many lively conversations took place and memories of old times were shared. Many of the former employees had been direct colleagues at that time.


Afterwards a bus took the participants to the main plant of the Emsland Group. For some of the participants, there were a lot of new things to discover during their tour of the plant.


After a worthwhile time on the premises, the participants were taken back to the restaurant Bloemendal by bus. Subsequently, dinner was served during the course of a cozy get-together.

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