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rsz dsc 0074Last Wednesday, the management of the Emsland Group honored 31 employees at the Emlichheim site, who celebrated their 25th and 35th anniversary in 2018 respectively. In a speech, all persons celebrating an anniversary were given a big thank you for the special commitment, the high dedication and the long-term loyalty to the company.


The more than 60 participants, including the partners of the anniversary guests and the department heads, were invited to the Alte Landhaus Buddenberg in Ringe. Before dinner, each jubilarian was personally congratulated by the management and presented with a certificate. Of course, these personal words for each person celebrating a jubilee were very well received by the visitors. Lively conversations between the partly long-standing colleagues followed, before a successful day in an enjoyable atmosphere came to an end.


At the Emsland Group, a longtime tenure of up to 40 years and more is not uncommon. One reason is certainly the positive corporate culture.


The Emsland Group would like to thank you again for the long-term cooperation!

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