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On hot and sunny Thursday, July 26, 2018, the Emsland Group employees had plenty to choose from. Starting at 11:00 a.m., as part of “Health Day” the staff in Emlichheim could take part in activities concerning work health and safety. On the Emsland-Stärke GmbH premises employees were able to take part in fire-extinguishing exercises and ear protection checks, test their ball-throwing while wearing alcohol impairment goggles, or receive a back measurement and follow-up consultation at the AOK stand. The German Red Cross carried out first aid activities and shared valuable information on lifesaving techniques.


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At the subsequent staff meeting, the executive management and CEO Gerrit-Jan Wesselink as well as the supervisory board – with Mr. Bakker and Mr. Vortherms – greeted the employees. In addition to reports from plant management on current investments, processing volumes and SOS-H developments, CEO Wesselink also presented a management report on the state of the Group. Although there were plenty of good things to report on in retrospect, there is currently a great deal of concern about the 2018 harvest. With outside temperatures above 35 °C in some cases, the precarious situation for farmers needed no further explanation. This is currently a dominant topic within the corporate group. Among other things, Mr. Wesselink pointed out that this year it is particularly important to support farms as much as possible. For the new financial year, the focus is on strategic cooperation between distribution, SCM and the purchase of raw materials.


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In spite of the good weather and the recent concerns it has brought with it, these were put on hold at the BBQ that followed. There were plenty of tasty BBQ treats and drinks on hand, and the employees took the opportunity to engage in relaxed professional and private discussions with one another before capping off this exciting day with a cold drink or two.


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