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Emden® ET 50 & Fruitconcentrate

Another segment of the confectionery can be covered by Emden® ET 50, namely Extruded Confectionery. Besides the benefits of Emden® ET 50 inside Jellies, Chews and Jelly Bar also excellent results are shown in this new area. A segment were normally wheat flour is used, directly linked to the gluten issue.


We can even speak about a break-through, because we are able to match the typical gelatin texture by using a different process. As already communicated before Emden® ET 50 can be used in the moulded confectionery upto 8 %. For higher dosages we have to make use of other processes, in this case cooking extrusion.


In close cooperation with the Extru-Group (Extruder supplier) several tests were carried out to determine the influence of concentration on texture and performance. In the same time sugar and sirup, commonly used in confectionery were replaced by Fruitconcentrate, which means we are allowed to talk about no-sugar added products.


A formulation based on two ingredients only, no added sugar, resulting in a gelatin like texture and gluten free as well gives Emsland Group the chance to promote this concept as a breakthrough in confectionery.



Emden® ET 50                             15 %

Fruitconcentrate (70 % d.s.)       85 %


Process: Cooking extrusion 126 °C


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