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IMG 2246 sOver 100 different participants and agencies from around 45 countries traveled to the main plant in Emlichheim, Germany. From June 12 to June 14, 2018, the Emsland Group held its seventh international symposium. This year's symposium was all about the international exchange of information and the presentation of the latest developments from Emsland Innovation Germany.
In his opening speech, CEO Gerrit-Jan Wesselink emphasized the importance of this meeting and thanked the agencies for their active participation. In his Investment Reporting he also presented an outlook on the numerous investments within the Group.
Mr. Christian Kemper, CSO of the Emsland Group, included in his talk the strategic goals of the Emsland Group in the areas of starches, flakes and granules as well as peas. He also presented the growth strategies for the segments Snacks, Clean Label, Coatings, Animal Feed, Meat Alternatives, Paper Bag Glue and Construction Additives.

In addition to an initial overview of current innovation highlights and special projects from Emsland, the participants were then given a comprehensive overview of current market trends in the USA, Great Britain, the Middle East and the Asian markets by the representatives of the affiliated companies responsible for those territories.

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Over the next two days, the visiting agencies received numerous technical presentations, which included insights into the latest snack applications, protein solutions, paper bag glue applications and clean label starches.
In addition to the theoretical parts that were presented in Ootmarsum in the Netherlands, there were of course practical insights into the current projects of the Emsland Group. Via bus transfer, the visitors were taken to the nearby main plant in Emlichheim where they visited Emsland Innovation Germany. In four different workshops, the participants were given all the necessary information on the projects pertaining to newly extruded confectionery made with Emden® ET 50, silt flocculation and drinking water treatment, application examples in the field of proteins and the effect of various raw materials on the production of processed snacks. As in previous years, this was a fitting opportunity to exchange different market experiences. All participants also had the opportunity to join a factory tour.

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It was not just the informational events that led to the exchange of experiences and information, but the evening events in and of themselves also gave rise to lively conversations. Whether at the joint dinner on the first evening or the delicious barbecue on the second evening, there was enough space and time for exciting discussions.
Overall, the seventh international symposium was considered a great success. Both for the organizers from the Emsland Group and for the numerous participants who went home with valuable information after three days.

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A special thanks goes out to the organizers and presenters of the individual departments of the Emsland Group.