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The Employee Suggestion Scheme has been an integral part of our corporate culture for many years. During this time, the Emsland Group employees have contributed many interesting suggestions about how to optimize operations. These have greatly helped us to further optimize company processes, improve working conditions and promote environmental protection.

All incoming suggestions are carefully reviewed by the Employee Suggestion Scheme Commission and regularly presented at company meetings.


Now the Commission has to say goodbye to two longstanding members.

With the departure of Ms. Frieda Eckerlin and Mr. Berthold Reiners, we are losing two Commission members who helped shape the Employee Suggestion Scheme in Emlichheim and always enjoyed playing an active role in the company – in both good times and bad.

Mr. Reiners has actively supported the Employee Suggestion Scheme from the very beginning and has also been a member of the scheme’s Commission since its inception. Ms. Eckerlin was appointed to the Employee Suggestion Scheme Commission later on (about 10 years ago).

We would like to thank them both for their many successful years of involvement in this capacity.


In the future, the creativity of all Emsland Group employees will be required in order to maintain the Employee Suggestion Scheme as an integral part of our corporate culture.