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After holding a vote for the new works council last Thursday and Friday (March 15 & 16), the results of the employee survey regarding the five-shift system and the election of the works council chairman were presented as part of the general meeting. With respect to the five-shift system, over 55% voted in favor of it. Voter turnout was over 85%.

The works council chairman election outcome was eagerly anticipated, and sitting chairman Berthold Reiners – who was not in the running for reelection – announced it at the beginning of the general meeting. The result: In their first constituent meeting, the 11 works councils elected council member Mr. Alfred Weiden as chairman. This may have been a somewhat surprising announcement for many, as it was Berthold Lammers who received the most votes in the general election. Nevertheless, when presenting the results regarding the five-shift system, he made a point of supporting the democratic process.

Following a comprehensive report on the state of the Group by Mr. Gerrit-Jan Wesselink, Spokesman of the Management Board, as well as other presenters, Mr. Weiden introduced himself at the end of the general meeting and emphasized the importance of maintaining a strong level of cooperation between the works council and the management board.

We wish Mr. Weiden every success in his role as the works council chairman.


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