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Positive atmosphere at the roadshows

During the roadshows, the Emsland Group management visited the Wietzendorf, Wittingen, Hagenow, Kyritz and Golßen plants in February. The roadshow was preceded by the Annual Meeting of the Emsland-Stärke AG holding company in Meppen on January 25, 2018. The meeting already saw around 300 shareholders accept the invitation and obtain comprehensive information on the current management report.


The interest of the growers was given in each of the visited plants, and so considerably more than half of the contract growers took up the offer to get an idea about the Emsland Group’s current status. The information from the previous general meeting was mainly presented. The exchange of information between the managing directors from Emlichheim and the farmers in the individual regions was also a focal point of these days. A review of the completed campaign (or the campaign that’s running at the food plants) was of course included, as was a plant-specific preview of the coming campaign. One of the guests’ main interests was the development of the Emsland Group - for example, the capacity increase in Hagenow in 2019/20. The farmers were also very interested in the planned investments to expand potato processing at the individual locations. The farmers’ generally positive mood was used by the raw materials department to promote an expansion of the contract quantities at the Emsland Group. At the events, Mr. Wesselink, Mr. Höning, Mr. Kemper and Mr. Hannemann were supported by the representatives from the raw materials departments at the individual plants.


Due to the positive development, the satisfactory results, the stable situation of the group and the good producer prices, the overall mood during the tour was positive.



A focus on plant cultivation at the Emlichheim and Cloppenburg winter events


At the end of February and beginning of March, the raw materials department held a total of four informative events for farmers from Emlichheim and Cloppenburg. As most farmers attended the general meeting here because of their proximity, as in the previous year, the focus was on the cultivation of potatoes. Sebastian Riekert, Head of the Raw Materials Purchasing Department, introduced the campaign with a brief overview of all the plants and an outlook on the development of contract volumes in the coming campaign. This was followed by a lecture by Egbert Schepel and Martina Pohlmann from HLB. In an interesting lecture, they clearly reported on the biology of different nematode species and their control measures. After this talk, the use of the Tagetes plant - otherwise known as a front garden flower - was often discussed. If cultivated correctly, it can lead to a significant reduction in nematodes. Klaas Wijnholds and Jan Speulman then gave lectures on alternative crop rotations, potato storage and the supply of seed potatoes. The difficult harvest situation in autumn 2017 was also a recurring topic. The evenings always ended with discussions among the farmers and the exchange of ideas with colleagues involved in raw material procurement and the HLB team.



Annual Meeting of the Emsland-Stärke AG holding company / producer meetings at the locations


More than 300 shareholders attended this year’s well-attended annual general meeting of the Emsland-Stärke AG holding company in Meppen on Wednesday, January 25, 2018.


With his opening speech, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Mr. Gebhardt Bakker, began the 15th annual general meeting, thanking the shareholders for their trust. The present annual report 2016/2017 clearly showed that the Group once again managed to conclude a positive financial year.

During the event, Mr. Hinkelmann and Dr. Hausmann, the two Management Board members of the Emsland-Stärke AG holding company, presented more detailed information on the adopted annual financial statements and the approved consolidated financial statements as of June 30, 2017. The members of the Management Board and those of the Supervisory Board were given approval. This was followed by the election of the annual auditor for the financial year 2017/2018.


The two newly appointed managing directors, Mr. Hannemann and Mr. Kemper, introduced themselves in this context. Mr. Vortherms, Chairman of the Emsland-Stärke GmbH Supervisory Board, also attended the meetings, giving producers an opportunity to address questions to all company committees. Overall, we can look back on successful events with a very positive atmosphere of good faith.


The basic thrust of the events was to ask growers to further expand contract growing for the Group due to the good market situation.


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