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Emsland Scholarship “Business Meets Talent”, this is the title of the program to support students at the campus in Lingen, organised by the Wirtschaftsverband Emsland.


Also in 2018 Emsland Group is taking part at the Emsland Scholarship Program and awarded two scholarships for Emsland-Stärke GmbH in Emlichheim. The goal of the participation is to strengthen the offering of the region and to support own search for young talents. It is important to support students in the region at an early stage and establish direct contact with companies. Thus, the goal of the scholarship program is to ensure that the region continues to retain its students after graduation and that they, as managers, continue to promote the economy.


The scholarship holders receive an amount of support of 100,- € per month. After an agreement with the Emsland Group it is possible to complete a traineeship or write their thesis.


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Emsland Stärke Stipendium