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As an old Indian saw said “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrowed from our Children” we as Emsland Group keep this in mind during our daily work.


Our mission is to extract innovative quality products from the valuable components of renewable raw materials for our customers in harmony with nature.


We put this task into daily practice in keeping our motto “using nature to create”. Emsland Group gives very high priority on sustainability. Sustainable developments are an aspect that is firmly anchored along our entire value chain. Being environmental friendly and socially conscious while operating efficiently at the same time will ensure that the company remains an employer for future generations.



Controlled Farming


The Emsland Group first took an active role in handling the seed potato purchasing for your members and raw materials suppliers at the end of 2011 on behalf of the producer group for starch potatoes in the Emsland regional association.

In so doing, the primary objective is to support the suppliers of raw materials of the Emsland Group in supplying seed potatoes, and at the same time, to promote the breeding of high-yield varieties that have the needed resistances.


Seed potatoes are a spring business for which the months of March and April account for about 90% of total volume. Selecting the right variety is an important matter when it comes to cultivation. On the one hand, we at the Emsland Group impose special requirements on the quality of raw material (percentage of starch and reduced sugar content). On the other hand, producers too have certain expectations that the varieties they use on their farms and fields must meet.


Variety characteristics such as resistance to nematodes, cancer, Phytophthora infestans and viruses play as importantly a role as storability, stability, safeness, and resistance to drought. Due to their unique characteristics, each variety requires an individual planting strategy and must be handled accordingly so that they can reach their full potential.


Emsland Group has set up test plots for observation, harvesting and evaluation in all growing regions in order to find out which characteristics the varieties yield in practice. Exclusivity agreements for certain varieties have been made with some potato breeders in the Netherlands and in Germany.



Raw Materials


As of 2013, potato starch manufacturing in Europe is a free market, with no financial support for farmers or industrial producers, but also without any quota limiting production. This policy change was expected to have a major restructuring effect on the potato starch industry. Nevertheless, Emsland Group has faced these changes to work more closely with our farmers to generate the maximum value of this crop.


As a renewable raw material, the potato remains the basis for our product developments, while peas and other natural ingredients are also used to develop our innovative product solutions. Thereby Emsland Group strives to develop and implement sustainable processes throughout the entire production processes from raw materials to starches, flakes, granules, protein, fibres and by-products.





In Germany and other EU Countries like the Netherlands, were our potatoes and peas are growing, it is general not allowed to plant genetically modified plants. Also since 2013 no trials with GMO plants like “Amflora” take place and no trials are submitted.

Therefore we can confirm that there is no use of genetically modified potato and pea raw material in our products.





In the EU 14 Allergens are listed and must be labelled, pea and potato are not part of this list that means in the EU and also in the USA pea and potato are NON allergen.


We offer solutions for trends such as clean label, kosher, halal, gluten-free, fibre enriched, sustainability, acrylamide reduction, palm oil free, vegan as well as non-GMO and natural.



Total Quality Management-Certifications


The foundation of our resource-conscious behaviour is the Group‘s Total Quality Management. Our focus is on the following areas, which are integrated Group-wide:

• Quality Management

• Environmental Management

• Occupational Health and Safety

• Energy Management


The Emsland Group has been fully certified in all of these areas.


This is another important aspect that creates trust and guarantees first-class quality of our products and services at all production sites of the corporate Group.