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IHK Emsland Staerke IITwo distinguished visitors arrived in Emlichheim on September 14, 2016, namely Martin Schlichter (President of the Chamber of Commerce) and Marco Graf (CEO Chamber of Industry and Commerce). On that day, the management of the Emsland Group organized a tour of the innovation center “Emsland Innovation Germany” and the new flake factory, to provide a better understanding of the facilities on-site. In addition to the “Energy Scouts” project, which saw trainees from the Emsland Group and other companies promote greater energy efficiency, the visitors were also shown additional synergies for companies like the Emsland Group. The President and the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce were also impressed with the large number of opportunities for skilled training offered by the Emsland Group.


This year, 28 trainees have joined the Emsland Group to learn a trade skill.


The picture shows from left to right: Marco Graf (CEO Chamber of Industry and Commerce), Martin Schlichter (President of the Chamber of Commerce), Udo Hinkelmann (CEO Emsland Group) and Peter Höning (CFO Emsland Group).