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For a long time this healthy grain was forgotten, even though it contains valuable vitamins, minerals and trace elements.


Barley is now making a comeback to our plates as a modern everyday food, perfect for a high fibre, low cholesterol diet.


Beta-barley is rich in beta glucan, which is a soluble dietary fibre. These fibres in beta-barley have a positive effect on our cholesterol levels.


Starting from beta-barley Emsland Group developed a proprietary, solvent free, dry milling process resulting in flours that are ideal for clean label food formulations. These flours are marketed under the Emglucan® brand.


Emglucan® contains about 6 % beta glucan and is high in dietary fibre. Emglucan® adds superb nutritional benefits and functional performance to foods. As a functional ingredient Emglucan® combines thickening and emulsifying with stabilisation. It maintains a healthy cholesterol level and adding a heart health claim. Emglucan® also provides an anti-staling advantage in food products, extending freshness and shelf-life.


Further information about this toppic can also received from Dieckmann GmbH;