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newsFor a long time this healthy grain was forgotten, even though it contains valuable vitamins, minerals and trace elements.


Barley is now making a comeback to our plates as a modern everyday food, perfect for a high fibre, low cholesterol diet.

presseinformationEstimated output/ha for German potato harvest varies fromaverage to good. However since farmers cultivate fewer hectares,less potatoes will be available during 2012. Volumes for EU27 areforecasted at about 56.5 mio tons potatoes which is an all time low.

presseinformationContract volumes of starch potatoes in 2012 might be till 20% lower, while on the long term cultivated potato areas face annual reductions at about 4%. These developments will lift prices of potato starch and its derivatives.

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newsWithin the context of REACH all boron compounds were classified as SVHC-substances (Substances of Very High Concern) on June 20th, 2011. This is applicable for a contents as of 0,1 %, whereas boron compounds, as reprotoxic, have to be classified as category two, R 60 and R 61 and marked with a skull and crossbones symbol.

presseinformationDuring coming years raw material supply in general is expected to become more volatile. Rising prices for oil stimulate use of corn and wheat as raw materials for bioethanol production.

newsEmsland Group will not cultivate nor process genetically modified potatoes or derived products during the campaign in 2012/13.

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Starting with the Gulfood exhibition in Dubai, Emsland Group continues its trade fair participation in 2012. From 19th till 22nd of February the world's biggest annual food & hospitality event takes place in the United Arab Emirates.