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With our new product innovation Emfix® K1, Emsland Group offers a clean-label starch which is exclusively manufactured with help of physical process. Emfix® K1 is a clean label cook-up starch with functionalities and properties similar to those of a chemical modified starch.


Emfix® K1 can be used in a broad range of applications such as convenience foods like soups and sauces as binding and thickening agent with adapted gelatinization and dissolving properties. Furthermore it can be applied in dry mixes and liquid products as well as for catering systems. Emfix® K1 can be used in snacks and bakery as moisture regulator to extend shelf life and improve texture.


Newest studies shows, that natural claims and products with fewer additives and more 'natural' ingredients become more and more important.


Our starch range improves the functionality of your food and is specially adjusted to the needs of modern and health-conscious consumers. To help manufacturers to achieve the high expectations of customers Emsland Group offers a good opportunity to optimize your labels.


If you need further information of Emfix K1 please contact us.