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Once again Emsland Group will participate at Snackex and once again Germany's largest producer of potato starch will present new product developments for the snack and nut coating industry. With a wide range of potato starches, potato flakes and potato granules Emsland Group manufactures all essential ingredients in snack products.


As innovative alternative, our pea starches can provide crunchy texture, good expansion, bland taste, high shear resistance and good temperature stability. Our pre-treated flakes and granules can be used in the existing process without additional effort or investment and can lead to a higher acrylamide-reduction than in common procedures. In addition, the starch-based coatings made from potatoes and peas have significant advantages for snacks and nuts.


Emsland Group serves the whole food industry with an innovative and versatile range of functional ingredients. At Snackex we will focus mainly on high quality solutions for snack applications, based on natural raw materials like potatoes and peas.


We are happy to meet you in Barcelona at our boot nr. 525.


Floorplan Snackex 2011