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In accordance with Emsland Group’s corporate policy another step was taken to fulfil the requirements of our Integrated Management System (IMS).


The sectors quality management, environmental affairs and occupational safety as well as energy management are merged to take advantage of synergies and thus among other things save costs.


After intensive preparation the certification audit according to DIN EN ISO 14001 took place in our Emlichheim headquarters in May 2009.

The sectors environment and occupational safety were included in the existing management system. With the integration of the requirements of the environmental management system the foundations for a systematic advancement of the IMS were laid.


Within the scope of the certification audit the following items were judged particularly positive:

  • The exemplary support and contribution of the top management
  • The generally high level of commitment of all parties involved, also with financial expenses
  • The intensive preparation by the core team consisting of representatives of the sectors quality, occupational safety and environment
  • Our staff’s awareness of environmental protection issues, the important role of trainings as well as the degree of individual initiative


With the successful certification of our Emlichheim factory the introduction of the Environmental Management System at the different production sites is pushed so that a certification for all factories may be expected in the course of the next years.


For further information our experts for


environmental management (Frauke Berling – Tel. +49-5943-81101)

safety and security (Jan-Heinz Borgman – Tel. +49-5943-81288)

integrated management system (Michael Herrmann – Tel. +49-5943-81302)


are always at your disposal.