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Das Foto zeigt Herrn Stegink bei seinem Vortrag.

This has been amongst others a subject area of this year’s yarn coating colloquium in Denkendorf (Germany), organized by the institute of textile- and process engineering on October the 14th – 15th.


A huge insight into actual developments and trendsetting subjects of the textile industry has been given by the approx. twenty lectures.

Currently in difficult times of textile production in Europe, where mass production seems to be hardly worthwhile, a high level of flexibility and functionality is needed.

Also Emsland Group is quite aware of this situation and identifies the newest process engineering’s and development results in its lecture named “The application of high amylose starches for sizing”.

The textile group of Mr. Holger Stegink and Mrs. Sabine Ramaker-Stam presented the different types of starches and advantages of their application, which are reflected in the low price, high adhesion and good film formation.


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