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Within the strategy of Emsland to opening up new business segments and the involved developments of new products Emsland Group fulfils a further step.


In the end of March 2009 a complete new liquid adhesive facility has started up in Emlichheim, headquarter of Emsland Group. The plant manufactures adhesives for the packaging market.

In the first step two kinds of adhesives are going to produce.


Emsland Group is the first starch producer supplying lamination glue in liquid form for the packaging industry. This adhesive is based on modified potato starch and free from PVAC and softening agents. It can be utilized on all known inline- and sheet laminators in a 100% exchange to dispersion adhesives and is thus an ecologically worthwhile alternative based on renewable primary products. Especially for food packaging concerning the Reachregulation a trend-setting development. The lamination adhesive can delivered in commercially available 1.100 KG protective container as well as in road tanker.


A further product is a bottom paste for the manufacturing of paperbags. The adhesive can be delivered ready to use in 130 KG barrel to the customer.


For any technical questions please contact our technical field service Mr. Wahlenmaier.


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