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Today’s consumers are increasingly demanding more from their products, resulting in rapid changing food markets. Food producers are searching for creative food concepts which are on trend. One big issue is wellness or health food. This is commonly described with functional food.


But food is more than pure nutrition – it has to be upgraded with fitness and fun. For the industry it is important to combine customer’s the wish of indulgence with a benefit of additional increased performance or cost savings.

This aspect is an important challenge for all food producers in the fast growing markets.


For this demand the Emsland Group offers a new multifunctional ingredient called Embalance E 3500. This product is a mixture of carbohydrates (oligosaccharides), protein and highly demanded minerals like magnesium and potassium.

The pea extract has a perfect solubility, so that there is no limitation compared to other ingredients. It is easy to disperse, so that this product could be used in a large variety of applications. Due to these characteristics it is used in sport- and nutrition-formulations, for example in a nutritional hypotonic sport drink. Furthermore the extract offers a very good foam activity. This feature is in addition to the very high emulsion capacity an important note for baking- and dessert-manufacturer to create new mood-food. The Emsland food application department has created among others different recipes like vegetable based meringues (sweets) or mixtures for Mousse of Citron (dessert).

For the meat industry Embalance E 3500 could be an excellent product due to the fact that it contains approx. 3.2% of phosphate. This natural source allows a big usability in a large variety of meat-applications. If injected in ham or as a mixture for minced meat, this functional ingredient offers big advantages for creative food design. If you need further information please contact our technical support team.


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