Luft EmlichheimIn 1928, the foundation of today's Group had already been laid in Emlichheim. An optimal combination of production, research, product development, quality management as well as marketing and sales is carried out here in the Group's main plant.

The Group's global personal customer service for all applications is carried out from Emlichheim. The foundation for the continued growth throughout all of the markets up until now is the partnership with the farms in the region.

In addition to potatoes being used as a raw material, processing peas also began in 2004. Ten years later, the amount of processing high-quality field peas has already reached 50,000 tons a year in Emlichheim alone.

The 2014/2015 potato campaign launched the operations of the new flake production at the plant. In the meantime, already 133,000 tons of potatoes are being used for the production of flakes. Potato flake yields is 25,000 tons per year. This, along with the production from Cloppenburg and Hagenow, makes the Emsland Group the world’s largest potato flake producer.

In addition to the production of flakes at the site, high-quality potato and pea starch and derivatives, as well as potato and pea fibers are produced. With the new Food Innovation Germany, a highly modern innovation center, as well as an additional potato intake in the plant's new entrance area, the road to the future has been paved. In 2022, the plant was expanded to include a roll drying autoclave ('Waltraut' for short), which changed the plant image once again.

Around 550 employees work at the Emlichheim site.



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