All business activities are characterized by a strong customer orientation. Our ambi-tion is to meet the specific requirements, needs and expectations of customers, con-tract farmers, shareholders and, in particular, our employees and other interested parties associated with us.


The optimization potential of our business processes is continuously monitored and supported by integrated processes and systems.


Compliance with all legal regulations relevant to us is just as firmly anchored in our actions as the guarantee of product safety and hygiene of our food and feedstuffs and the excellent quality of all products manufactured.


Conservation of resources, continuous minimization and prevention of environmental pollution as well as occupational health and safety are equally important.

We use our integrated management system for quality, safety, health, energy and the environment as an instrument for the continuous improvement of all our services and activities along the value chain.


A well-trained, highly motivated team of employees makes a significant contribution to achieving our goals and thus to the success of the entire company.





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             Mr. Peter Höning                  Mr. Gerrit-Jan Wesselink                  Mr. Christian Kemper                   Mr. Stefan Hannemann

                                                             Speaker of the Board

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