Significant Expansion in the adhesives area

The task of adhesives is always the same: to bond materials. But the requirements that an adhesive has to fulfil are completely different, resulting in today's wide range of adhesives.

Due to constantly increasing raw material and energy costs, the continuous improvement of our products is essential.

As an important link between the supplier of raw materials and the adhesive industry, the Emsland Group, with its many innovative products based on renewable raw materials, makes a decisive contribution to the adhesive industry. The different products of the Emsland Group in the adhesives area find use in many areas of application.

Here, the Emsland Group increasingly concentrates on high-quality derivative, characterised by high quality and uniform consistency.

Based on the goal of developing the best product for every application, the Emsland Group has developed an extensive portfolio especially for the adhesives area.

All products manufactured in the adhesives area are based on renewable raw materials. This natural origin brings ecological advantages, which are reflected in the CO2 neutrality of the products and the recyclability of the final products. This greatly simplifies the disposal of products and protects the environment.