Building additives – Starch ethers for the building industry

The Emsland Group is a global supplier of starch ethers for the building industry. The Emsland Group provides a wide range of starch ethers in this field in cementeous and gypseous systems as well as for décor and mineral fibre boards and insulation material. The Emsland Group has more than twenty years experience in this field and has established its position in the market and plans to expand its position in the future.

The tasks which starch ether are used for vary and depend on the respective field of application. On account of continuously increasing raw material and energy costs, it is essential to ensure continuous improvement of the quality of products.

The Emsland Group is an important link between the raw material supplier and the building industry, providing a variety of innovative starch ethers based on renewable raw materials. The Emsland Group is focusing its concentration on top-quality derivates which yre typified by their high quality and even consistency.

The extensive product portfolio of the Emset® series has emerged from the commitment of the Emsland Group to develop the best product for each form of application. This series is especially designed for the field of construction chemistry.