Other Technical Markets

Continuous development and expansion is of immense importance for an innovative company. The Emsland Group has itself also created new markets and provides special product solutions worldwide for:

- absorbent materials
- biodegradable synthetic materials
- water purification

Our products are made to meet the specific requirements of our customers, based on the renewable materials of potato and pea, and provide our customers with that added value they need to ensure the success of their products.  

By using modified potato starches, for example, we can substitute synthetic polymers, providing an environment friendly and low cost contribution to water purification. This process involves the use of anionic and cationic flocculants in solid or liquid form, depending on the respective requirement.

For preserving resources of wastewater treatment based on renewable raw material we serve the following products:

Emfloc KCG 750

Emfloc ECG 750

Emfloc KC 750

Available in 30 kg bucket, 1.000 kg IBC or via tank waggon.


The Emsland Group has made a successful start in all three markets. This has mainly been on account of our innovative products created for these new markets, and also due to our motivated staff who are always willing to meet new challenges, thus developing new areas of application for our products.

Another success factor is the close cooperation with our customers which enables the implementation of innovations.

See for yourself how outstanding our products and services really are!