Crude oil & Mining industry

The Emsland Group provides top-quality drilling fluid additives for the crude oil and mining industry used in the field of water-based systems in order to achieve a reduction in filtration losses. In addition, our products also help to optimize fluctuation.

The starch derivatives based on potato starch are applied i.e. in the tapping of oil fields. Modified potato starch has proven especially effective in industrial oil production on account of its high temperature stability and low fluid loss.

The environment-friendly products, Emfloc® MRE, Emfloc® MRE HHT and Emfloc® CMS of the Emfloc® range are used worldwide in the crude oil and mining industry. The products used as drilling fluids all fulfil API specification 13A, Section 16 of 2002 pursuant to ISO 13500.

Our products provide high effectiveness, consistent quality at a favourable price. In the field of drilling fluids, we have only used products based on the natural potato.

In addition to conventional fields of drilling fluids, the products of the Emsland Group can also be used in the offshore drilling sector.