Showing responsibility – with measurable success

Safety at work and health protection are important objectives fort he Emsland Group. In 2009 new structures were created which develop standards throughout the Group for these fields within the Integrated Management System (IMS). This is enhanced by concrete targets and programmes to eliminate weak points and to ensure continued improvement.

A manufacturing company bears immense responsibility for customers, partners, residents, the company, future generations and of course above all for its own staff. The Emsland accepts such responsibility fully, and has drastically reduced working accidents in the company over the last 10 years. During this period the number of working accidents registered fell by almost 50 %. A huge step towards our daily target: no working accidents. Because each employee wants to leave the plant as healthy after work as when he started work some hours earlier.

More work is still required in incorporating external companies and their staff who work at our locations. The basis for this is to inform the companies and their staff about the requirements of the Emsland Group with regard to safety at work and to check whether such requirements are being observed.

In 2009, the Emlichheim location was awarded with the Assistance Insignia of the state of Lower Saxony and of the Landesfeuerwehrverbandes Niedersachsen e. V.(Lower Saxony Fire Brigade Association)  for intensive cooperation in preventive fire protection