Environment Management 

Using nature to create – for the sake of the environment

Using nature to create – a company philosophy which is not restricted to the development and marketing of top-quality products, but also includes the responsibility we have to protect our environment.

Based on this claim, all activities along the value chain from the development to the marketing of top-quality starch and fibre products as well as proteins are subjected to continuous examination with regard to their environmental effect. This also involves the introduction of measures aiming at continued improvement of our contribution to environmental protection. This approach not only protects our resources, but also saves operating costs. We also support our customers in issues concerning the design of their production processes to protect both the environment and resources.

Forward-looking environmental protection contributes both to the competitiveness and long-term survival our company.

With the environment certifications pursuant to DIN EN ISO 14001 the Emsland Group has taken a further step in fulfilling its Integrated Management System.

Potential was recognised and realised during preparation fort his certification.

This included:

  • The introduction of external company management
  • The implementation of a working group for Energy Management
  • A structured record and control of non-avoidable waste
  • Preparation of an environment programme to prevent immission
  • Action concerning water protection
  • Setting up a new washing area with oil separator
  • Optimization measures for handling chemicals

Via this successful certification projects also gain recognition which were implemented in preceding years and have made an effective contribution to environmental protection.

Such projects include a unique water concept which has been incorporated in the food industry as BAT (best available techniques). This concept is based on the water recycling of egg-white-free potato amniotic fluid and so-called process water from the extraction of starch. The water flows through different process steps to achieve a specific quality which exceeds the requirements of drinking water regulations. As a result, recycling rates of up to 300,000 m³  water a year are possible. This not only protects the resource of drinking water but also saves sewage.

The concept is base on the components of reverse osmosis, evaporation, biological after-treatment and water treatment has been an established part of process management since 2000.

Reverse osmosis


biological cleaning


Water recycling

Another project completed is the application of water and energy saving measures in the field of starch extraction and finishing. A competent team, from the fields of Technology, Energy Management and Environment ensure success in the implementation of appropriate sustainable measures.

The environment performances of Emsland Group in Emlichheim are within the following PDF document:

Balance of environment management in Emlichheim