Into the future with much energy and less consumption 

To produce our top-quality products, gas, electricity, vapour, compressed air and water is used at our plants in Emlichheim, Kyritz, Wietzendorf, Golßen, Cloppenburg and Wittingen.

To reduce energy costs and to protect resources, the Energy Management Group was initiated in 2006. The most important objective of the group was of course energy saving, right from the start. The group is made up of staff from the individual plants which meet at regular intervals.

Their main tasks include:

  • Recording consumption data
  • Creating parameters
  • Technical support in purchasing gas and electricity
  • Assessment, support and/or implementation of optimization measures in ew and existing plants
  • Assessment, support and/or implementation concerning tax issue, applications or emissions trading
  • Training and increasing awareness among staff for prudent handling of energy

To manage these tasks, the Emsland Graoup uses and manages an extensive database which automatically records consumption data from all plants, processes such data and displays it. This system is being continuously expanded.

In coordination with management and plant management energy reports are drawn up for reporting purposes.

Since the end of 2008 the Energy Management System has been incorporated into the Integrated Management System (IMS) of the Emsland Group.

All starch plants were inspected in 2009 pursuant to §41 Abs.1 No.4. in connection with par. 2 S.2 EEG 2009, and content requirements of data energy recorded and savings potential as well as their assessment were certified (DQS dated 15.04.2010).