Corporate policy

All our business activities are distinctively oriented at the customer. We are keen to meet the specific needs and expectations of the customers, contract farmers, shareholders and also of our employees and other interest groups associated with us. Our operational procedures are constantly reviewed in terms of optimisation potential and supported by integrated processes and systems. Legal compliance is fully integrated in our ethical guidelines as well as striving for the highest possible degree of product reliability and constant compliance with food- and feed quality.

Our products are manufactured without the use of genetically modified plants and are free from genetically modified genetic substances. At the same time considerable importance is attached to resource saving, constant minimisation and prevention of environmental pollution as well as work and health protection. We use our Integrated Management System for quality, safety, health, energy and environment as an instrument to constantly improve all our capabilities and activities along the value creation chain. A well-trained and highly motivated team of employees makes crucial contributions to achieving our goals and becomes instrumental to the success of the entire company.

The basis for all measures which will strengthen our market position is based on the following operational principles:

  • Our employees are personally committed to meet the highest demands of quality, operational safety, energy and environment. They are actively involved in improving our efficiency constantly. To this end, we set ourselves clear goals and ensure their implementation.
  • Decades of knowledge gained in proven products and also in development of product innovations are subject of a constant growth process. New findings regarding health and environmental protection, power engineering and industrial safety are always in the focus.
  • A team of specialists of the Planning and Engineering Department takes on the challenge successfully to integrate state-of-the-art and pioneering technologies into proven structures. In our production processes, the safe handling of products and residues is guaranteed. Through optimal use of product and energy a verifiable reduction of emissions and waste can be achieved at the same time.
  • All products are manufactured in compliance with the valid hygiene
    regulations and as well as semi-finished products and finished products are subject to continuous control by the internal company quality assurance.
  • Work and health protection issues are of paramount importance to us. Recognizing and avoiding possible risks, averting danger, securing plant safety, safety at work and health protection are subject to a consequent and continuous improvement.
  • Our employees are conscious about their personal responsibility of protecting their health. We support this through targeted measures and programmes regarding promotion, preservation and recovery of health.
  • Through education and training we sensitise our employees and enable them to implement our operational principles successfully. Qualification and motivation are supported by a widely diversified apprenticeship and training programme.
  • Open communication with our employees, customers and suppliers as well as with authorities, neighbours and the public provides transparency and creates the conditions for mutual trust. Thus further momentum and important new ideas can be gained for the company's ongoing development.
  • Compliance with legal provisions regarding quality, safety, health, energy and environmental protection are understood as a minimum requirement. The provisions required for this are described in the Integrated Management System and are subject to regular review.
  • The standards of our requirements regarding issues of quality, safety, health and environmental protections are also binding for all our contract partners acting for us. They make a binding declaration to adhere to all applicable guidelines of all our production sites.
  • Climate protection and reducing effects of climate change are part of the key challenges of the Emsland Group. As a company with corporate, social and environmental responsibility we are fully aware of the scope of this important task. "Using nature to create" is viewed as an invitation to actively contribute to climate protection through responsible action and a sustainable strategic planning. 
  • We stand by our social responsibility and expect the same from our contract partners. Therefore we distance ourselves from all forms of corruption, discrimination or employment of children and young persons beyond regulatory compliance.

Stand: 07.09.2015


Management board:


Mr Udo Hinkelmann             Mr Peter Höning                  Mr Gerrit-Jan Wesselink