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The starch factory Wietzendorf is in the centre of the Lüneburger Heide, near Soltau.

It was built in the years 1969 - 1970 and used for the production of native potato starch. Since July 1986, the plant has been operated by the Emsland Group and in January 2008 was acquired completely by the Emsland Group.

At this site high-quality native potato starch and potato protein are produced. Due to its high viscosity, the starch quality is unique throughout the entire Emsland Group.

260,000 tonnes of starch potatoes are delivered annually from contract farming to the Wietzendorf plant, from which around 60,000 tonnes potato starch and 3,000 tonnes potato are produced. The required raw materials are grown and delivered by 600 producers on an area of 5,800 hectares within a radius of 100 km. The processing time is from August to January of the following year.