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Originally founded in 1966 by the Pfanni Otto Eckart KG, since April 2000 the plant in Cloppenburg belongs to the Emsland Group. Emsland Food GmbH is specialised in the production of potato flakes. More than 85 % of the potato flakes produced are exported and successfully used in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Of primary importance are the high-quality potato flakes in the snack and baked goods industry, and also as a thickener for soups and sauces.

At the Cloppenburg plant, in the campaign of 2008/2009 around 270,000 tonnes of potatoes, grown and properly stored until processing by around 340 contract farmers in the region were processed. For the on-schedule production and compliance with the high quality standards, around 100 highly committed employees work in four shifts, around the clock, at the Cloppenberg plant.